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  • Alarm cable 6 Core 100m

    • 100 Metre 6-way/3 Pair Alarm Cable – Tinned Copper
      PLEASE NOTE – The 50m & 25m variants in our range are hand-cut to length and are not likely to be supplied on a reel.
    • Core Colours: Yellow – Green – White – Black – Red – Blue
    • Technical Specification: No. of Cores: 6 – Number of strands per core: 7 – Conductor Area CSA (per core): 0.22mm² – Diameter Per Core – 0.2mm – Outer Diameter of Cable: 4.1mm – Conductor Material: Tinned copper (high grade) – Current Rating: 1A – Max Working Voltage: 50V RMS – Resistance: 98.7 Ohms / KM
      PVC – Jacket Colour: White – Thickness: 0.55mm
  • Affordable Ceramic Insulators for Electric Fence

    Ceramic Insulators for Electric Fence is made of red, brown, or white porous clay. Once it’s shaped, it is fired between 2,100° to 2,300° Fahrenheit.  Ceramic is less expensive to produce than porcelain.  If the ceramic is glazed, as Zareba® insulators are, the glaze is only baked into the top layer.

  • Best price electric fence digital voltmeter helps detect a short in your electric fence that occurs when the power escapes to the ground. This can be caused by a broken underground cable, broken wire or insulator, a loose connection, or something touching the fence, such excessive vegetation.

  • Buy Flattrap razor Wire 12m in Kenya from Kisumu networks

    • Wire type: wire #12.
    • Wire Low carbon steel 5.5mm pre galvanize SAE1008.
    • Standard: Commercial galvanized g/m2 40-50.
    • ASTM510.
    • JIS G3532, G3533.
    • Diameter: 7.41 mm ± 0.05 mm.
    • Barb diameter: 1.83 mm ± 0.05 mm.
    • Barb distance: 110 mm to 125 mm 8 or 9 a meter.
  • Buy affordable HAMMER 630 4 Joule Energizer from Kisumu Networks Kenya at a discounted price


  • HAMMER 640 5Joule Energizer

    Buy affordable HAMMER 5Joule Energizer from Kisumu Networks in Kenya at a discounted price

    • Monitors the fence return voltage (single zone)
    • Alarms on low Voltage threshold
    • Auxiliary alarm input (gate monitor)
    • Siren and strobe output Remote control option
    • Powers up to 3Km of fence wire (1mm)
    • 5 Joule and 10KV maximum output
    • Battery backup
  • Buy JVA Z13 1 Zone Security Energizer 2.8 Joule from Kisumu networks

    • High‐Voltage, Single‐Zone Fence Monitor triggers an alarm when live wires are tampered with
    • Earth Wire Monitor triggers an alarm when the earth wires are tampered with
    • Gate Monitor input to monitor the gate
    • Dynamic Voltage Monitoring minimizing arcing and false alarms while maximizing power and battery life
    • 2.8 Joules maximum output energy
    • Compliant with IEC60335‐2‐76
    • Built‐in Lightning and Surge Protection
  • MERLIN Energizer 8 Joule M28S Dual Zone

    The Merlin Stealth M28S Dual Zone Electric Fence Energizer 8 Jouleis a powerful range that can be used for residential to high-end security needs and is a cost-effective solution where more than one zone is required.
  • Buy Razor wire galvanized from Kisumu networks

     Application: Fencing wire (Panel wire), Bucket handle wire, Baling wire, Vineyard wire, Fine mesh wire, PVC coated wire, Spring Wire, Roping Wire, ACSR core wire, for Automatic rebar tying machine and other application.

    2) Material:    low carbon steel, middle carbon steel, and high carbon steel

    3) Diameter:   0.15mm~8.00mm

    4) Tensile Strength: 300-500MPA, 400-600MPA, 800-1200MPA, min.1200MPA, min.1700MPA

    5) Packing:   0.2kg~800kg, in small coils, big coils and on spool or drums

    6) Standard:   ASTM 641 etc.

    7) All can be produced according to customers’ actual requirements

  • Stafix X1 Energizer

    0 out of 5

    The Stafix X1 Energizer is a great AC fence charger for medium-sized applications up to 10 miles of fencing. The X1 can easily be adapted to be used in conjunction with a solar panel for worry-free solar charging.

    • Includes:
      • 6 position adjustable pulse speed switch
      • 5 stage light bar to display voltage and battery charge level
      • Sensor for day/night
      • Weather-proof case
      • Pre-slotted terminals for easier connections
      • Instructions
      • Power cord
      • Battery lead set
      • Fence lead set
  • Stafix X12 Energizer

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    Buy Stafix X12 Energizer from Kisumu networks

    Stafix X12 Energizer unit has a backlit LCD screen that displays output voltage, battery voltage, and earth voltage.

    X12 Energizer includes a remote control to give you control from anywhere on the fence line, eliminating the need to be near the unit to turn it on or off. Battery lead set and mains power adapter included.

    Stafix X12 Energizer has Large terminals Mounted on the front of the energizer casing for convenience, these large terminals are easily adjusted and accept up to two fence wires. The slotted terminals make inserting wires and getting a good connection easy.

    KSh128,000.00 KSh125,000.00
  • Stafix X2 Energizer

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    Buy Stafix X2 Energizer from Kisumu networks

    Stafix X2 Energizer produces low impedance power with an electric pulse effective enough to contain even the most determined livestock. Ideal for smaller fencing systems, the X2 features crossover technology enabling the energizer to be used as a mains unit or a battery unit.

  • Stafix X3 Energizer

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    Buy Affordable Stafix X3 Energizer from Kisumu networks

    The Stafix X3 is a sophisticated, high-performance crossover energizer designed for small to moderate-sized fencing systems. Suitable for the control of all livestock types, the X3 combines high performance and reliability with an array of innovative features that continues the tradition of excellence for which Stafix is renowned. The Energizer is a universal energizer which is the next generation of Stafix energizer

  • STAFIX X6 Energizer

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    Buy STAFIX X6 Energizer from Kisumu networks

    • Cyclic Wave™ technology.  Provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximizing the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control
    • Bi-polar technology.  Enables the user to power a fence system to perform exceptionally well in dry, low conductive soil
    • Solar compatible.  Electrify your fence with solar power by connecting solar panels to any Stafix Unigizer. The solar panels charge the battery connected to the Unigizer, for reliable livestock control
    • Indicator lights (voltage and battery).  Easy to read light bar display provides an instant measure of the Unigizer output voltage and battery condition for quick fence diagnostics. The LED display shows red when heavily loaded
    KSh85,000.00 KSh83,500.00
  • Buy top wall electric fence from Kisumu networks

    Top Wall Electric Fence is installed on top of a stone perimeter wall. In Kenya, Top Wall Electric Fences are of standard height of 1 meter but they can be done up to a height of 1.5 meters. In addition, razor wire (450mm-980mm diameter) is usually incorporated in the installation to increase the level of security.

  • Under Gate Cable

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    Buy Under Gate Cable from Kisumu networks

    Under Gate Cable best price carry power from your fence charger to your fence, and under any gates that you don’t want to be energized. Simply run the under gate cable under your gate from one fence line to the next to continue conductivity from one side to the other.

    underground under gate cable is used to carry the electricity from the energizer to the electric fence in a safe and insulated manner. It can also be used to carry the electricity under gates to the next section of the fence.