Fiber Optic Attenuators in Kenya

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What is a Fiber Optic attenuator?

Fiber optic attenuators are devices that reduce (attenuate) the strength of a fiber optic signal within a fiber-optic network. Attenuators are usually used when the signal arriving at the receiver is too strong and hence may overpower the receiving elements. This may occur because of a mismatch between the transmitters/receivers (transceivers, media converters), or because the media converters are designed for a much longer distance than for which they are being used. 

Sometimes attenuators are also used for stress testing a network link by incrementally reducing the signal strength (increasing the dB attenuation) until the optical link fails, thus determining the signal’s existing safety margin.

Types of attenuators we have:

We stock attenuators for the following fiber optic connector types: ST, SC, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, LC, LC/APC, MU. Our attenuators are of very high-quality. Singlemode attenuators offer an operating wavelength range of 1250nm to 1600nm, covering both the common 1310nm and 1550nm operating wavelengths. The attenuation accuracy is +/- 0.5dB, up to 5dB and +/- 10% over 5dB. The return loss is >50dB for standard connectors and >60dB for APC connectors. Maximum transmission power is typically one watt. 

Popular version

  • Male to female units – Also known as plug-style or buildout style. These plug-style attenuators simply mount on one end of a fiber optic cable, allowing that cable to be plugged into the receiving equipment or panel. 
  • Female to female -Also called bulkhead attenuators. They are mostly used to mount in patch panels or for connecting two fiber optic cables. These types of attenuators are useful for testing, as they are variable attenuators which are adjustable between 1dB and 30dB. 
  • In-line attenuators – This attenuator is incorporated within a fiber optic patch cable, built to your specifications.
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  • SC Fiber Optic Attenuator Features

    • 100% IL, RL, and visual inspection tested
    • Wavelength Independent
    • Durability & Simple and Reliable Structure
    • Low back reflection
    • High power endurance
    • Maximum stability, reliability and flat spectral response