Fiber Optic Connectors in Kenya

Buy Fiber Optic connectors from the leading fiber optic equipment supplier and distributor in Kenya. Kisumu Networks prides itself to be the most trusted fiber optic dealer in Kenya by striving to avail all Networking equipment under one roof.

Available types of fiber optic connectors

  • LC Connector Fiber Cable Connector: The LC stands for Lucent Connector. With its push-pull mating feature, the LC connector looks like a mini SC connector. It is becoming the predominant fiber cable connector, especially in high-density network applications.
  • The SC Connector: SC stands for a subscriber connector. It has has a 2.5 mm ferrule. Typically, it comes in a duplex format. SC connectors have generally will have two connectors and two fibers to send and receive data.
  • ST Connector: The word ST stands for Straight Tip. These types of connectors have a 2.5mm ferrule in a simplex format. ST fiber connector has a quick locking mechanism that significantly speeds up installation time. The locking mechanism has a key that does not allow the ferrule to rotate when installed. It is similar to a BNC connector. 
  • FC Connector: FC stands for Ferrule Connector. It has a 2.5mm ferrule in a simplex format. This screw-on type connector has the advantage of being pull-proof and wiggle-proof when it’s being installed. Because of this, the FC connector works very well for high vibration environments.
  • The ESCON Connector: ESCON stands for Enterprise System Connection. It has 2.5mm ferrules in a duplex format. They were also used for peripheral hardware such as storage devices and tape drives mostly in Data Centers.
  • MT-RJ Connector – Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack: Two fibers are included in one connector that looks a lot like an RJ45. That’s where the last part of the name came from. Alignment pins are used to mate the connectors. MT-RJ’s come in two versions, with mating pins (male) and without (female).
  • MTP® (MPO-style) Fiber Cable Connector – multi-fiber push on: The MPO connector can accept up to 72 fibers in a single ferrule, but the industry standard is 12 fiber
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  • ESCON Connector

    0 out of 5

    Buy ESCON Connector from Kisumu Networks

    Low insertion loss and high return loss
    Free-floating ceramic ferrule
    UL-rated plastic housing and boot
    Boots in a variety of colors
    High precision alignment connector

  • FC Connector

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    Buy FC Connector from Kisumu Networks

    • Economical in the termination process
    • Fastest termination time in the industry
    • Stable performance
    • Low transmission loss
    • Low skill requirement
    • Easy and Simple to install
  • Buy Fiber Optic LC Connectors from Kisumu networks in Kenya

    • telecoms distribution room to a Local Area Network closet.
    • The LC connector has set the standard for optical fiber connectors.
    • LC connectors are manufactured using the best quality components and they exceed all areas of the standards covering optical fiber connectors.
    • The one-piece design features pre-radiused ceramic ferrules, and are suitable for use with two-part heat curing epoxies and cold cure
  • Buy Fiber Optic SC connector from Kisumu networks in Kenya

    1.quickly assembly connector
    2.high return loss,low insert
    3.cost effective portable
    4.install quickly
    5.reliable and superior optical performance

  • MPO/MTP 12/24 C Cable Connector

    • Fiber pre-position (AB/BA)
    • Compact size, easy to manage
    • LC/SC/ST/E2000 simplex/duplex connector available in single fiber connector interface
    • MPO/MTP connector with 12 or 24 fibers
    • Corning fiber available for selection
    • Rugged fan-out: Round fan-out cable jacket with 2.0mm diameter
    • Customized fan-out cable length to cater for different installation situations


  • MT-RJ Optical fiber connector

    The optical fiber connector is a detachable (movable) connection device between fiber and fiber. It precisely butts the two ends of the fiber, reduces the loss of optical link as much as possible, and enables the optical signal output by transmitting optical fiber to be coupled to the receiving optical fiber as much as possible

  • Singlemode ST Fiber Connector


    • Bayonet style housing for easy termination
    • High precision alignment
    • Low insertion and return loss and back reflection
    • Premium SM typical IL against Master 0.08dB
    • Designed to exceed the requirement of Verizon FOC TPR 9409
    • Premium Low Loss SM, typical IL against Master 0.05dB