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  • Best Plug & Play Ubiquiti UFiber OLT 8-Port GPON Key Features

    • Intuitive, Graphical Web UI
    • Quick Configuration and Deployment of UFiber Devices 
    • Centralized Management of Multiple GPON Networks/Sites
    • Visual Reports for Efficient Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    • Linux-based Software Installation
    • Bundled Software – No Licensing or Support Fees



  • Best plug & play Ubiquiti UFiber OLT-4 GPON

    • Power consumption: 35 W without SFP modules
    • Networking Interface: 4PON ports and 2 SFP+ ports
    • Management interfaces: RJ45 Serial console port and RJ45 Ethernet for out-of-band management
    • Concurrent clients: up to 1024 UFiber ONUs (128 per PON port)
    • Supported PON SFP modulesUF-GP-B+ (1 module included), UF-GP-C+
    • Supported ONUs/ONTsUFiber Nano GUFiber Loco
  • Best plug & play fiber Gpon router UFiber loco (UF-LOCO)
    Gigabit Passive Optical Network CPE

    • High-Performance GPON CPE
    • LED diodes for easy diagnostics
    • Up to 2.4 Gbps downstream and 1.2 Gbps Upstream
    • Supports up to 20 km GPON Links
    • Powerful Layer 2/3 Management Features
    • GPON WAN Port
    • RJ45 Gigabit LAN Port
    • SC/APC Fiber Connector
  • Buy Best plug Gpon fiber router & play UFiber Nano G from Kisumu Networks at a discounted price.

    UFiber Nano G Featuring an informational LED display, the UFiber Nano™ G is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE housed in a sophisticated design. It is powered by 24V passive PoE. 

    • (1) GPON WAN Port and (1) Gigabit LAN Ethernet Port 

    • Digital Display LED for Status Reporting 

    • 7W Max. Power Consumption

  • Buy Best Plug and play Gpon Router UFiber WiFi (UF-WIFI) from Kisumu Networks Kenya

    UFiber WiFi is a robust, high‑performance GPON CPE that offers routing, four LAN ports, and Wi-Fi. It is powered by 24V passive PoE or a 24V, 0.5A power adapter. 

    • (1) GPON WAN Port and (4) Gigabit Ethernet Ports 

    • 802.11n Wi-Fi 

    • 7W Max. Power Consumption