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  • SR500 Solar Water Heater controller Quick features

    • Display panel with Connection box
    • Temperature sensor and water level sensor for water tank
    • Electromagnetic valve for filling water 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
    • If you choose this, you do not need water supplier
  • UltraSun 150L Indirect Solar Hot Water System features

    • Heavy duty tank which includes a steel powder coated outside casing, steel storage tank internally coated with glazed enamel and fitted with a magnesium sacrificial anode for exceptional corrosion protection, UV resistant plastic end caps and a 2kW heating element with thermostat.
    • Solar collectors that incorporate full area copper absorption plates ultrasonically welded to copper circulation tubes, high specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide energy absorption of up to 95%.
    • Low thermal conductivity high specification flexible stainless steel circulation piping with silver foil coated polystyrene insulation jackets.
    • Connection piping that includes an incoming non-return valve, pressure release valve rated at 8bar and drain cock. An extra 3bar pressure release valve is provided for the closed loop tank.
    • Galvanised mounting frame for both flat or inclined roof installations that ensures high durability in all weather conditions
  • UltraSun 200L Direct Vacuum water heater System features

    • Capacity: Hot water 200litres, Cold water 8litres
    • Inner tank lining: SUS304- 0.5mm stainless steel
    • Outer cover: Surface Plastic Painting
    • Insulation: Polythrethane
    • Vacuum tubes: 20pieces
    • Mounting: Flat roof mounting set
    • Heating: 1.5kW Electric Heater in the Solar Hot Water Tank
    • Absorber Area: 3.28m2
  • UltraSun Premium 200L Indirect Solar Hot Water System

    Ultrasun Premium hot water systems are high specification thermosyphon type hot water heaters designed for long life operation in extreme conditions. Closed loop separates the collector flow water from the process water, heat being transferred through the tank jacket, thus heating the water indirectly.