Eaton ups dealers in Kenya

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  • Eaton 1100VA/660W Line Interactive UPS

    Buy Eaton 1100VA/660W Line Interactive UPS from Kisumu Networks in Kenya at best price

  • Eaton 1500VA/900W line-interactive UPS

    Buy at best price Eaton 1500VA/900W (1.5KVA) line-interactive UPS from Kisumu Networks in Kenya

    • Automatic Voltage Regulation, 6X IEC C13 Outlets with USB Port.
    • Ideal for protecting PC, workstation, NAS, Internet access point, TV, Point of sale and business
  • Eaton 2000VA 1200W 2KVA line-interactive UPS

    Buy at best price Eaton 2000VA/1200W ( 2KVA) line-interactive UPS from Kisumu Networks in Kenya

  • Eaton 3000VA 3KVA 2100W Smart-UPS

    Buy Eaton 3000VA(3KVA)/2100W SMART from Kisumu Networks in Kenya


    • Wide input voltage range appropriate for the harshest electrical environments ·
    • Standard Models for fixed-run time performance ·
    • Tested for generator compatibility ·
    • Automatic bypass for fault-tolerance ·
    • Optional SNMP communications provide remote network-based monitoring ·
    • XL Models for customized, long run-time applications, with fast recharging ·
    • Cold start on battery power allows portable power ·
    • Software monitors power conditions ·
    • Intuitive front-panel user interface for consistent status indication
  • Buy EATON 650VA/360W Line-interactive UPS from Kisumu networks

    • UPS is securing your data and your equipment by protecting you against power outages and bad power quality. It works through under and over-voltage without wasting battery thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). Its Power Management Software is called Eaton UPS Companion software which uses one communication port- USB port. ( The software is available on quality)
    • Manufacturer of this UPS, EATON they are the leading manufacturer with decades of experience and high quality standard: CE
    • compliance certified by external agency (TUV)
      This UPS has an Automatic integration into Windows/MacOS/Linux power management for safe system shutdown. It also analyze energy use and costs,manage parameters,with Eaton UPS Companion software.
      Input Voltage of 170-280V, Nominal Voltage 230V.
    • Batteries: Typical backup times for 1PC is 16 Minutes and Typical backup times for 2 PC is 6 Mnutes.
      This UPS has a dimension of 288 X 148 X 100mm , Weight of 4.64 kg and a warranty 2 years..