Zkteco supplier distributor dealer in Kisumu Kenya

Are you looking for a Zkteco supplier distributor dealer in Kisumu Kenya? Yes, Kisumu Networks is the best Zkteco security dealer, reseller, and supplier shop in Kenya based in Kisumu. Besides, We are in partnership with major Zkteco distributors hence providing a variety of all popular products at the best price. 

Zkteco Product Range available in Kenya

At Kisumu Networks, We strive to avail all Zkteco products under one roof. We stock Body Temperature & Mask Detection; Access Control, Entrance Control, Thermal Cameras.

Time Attendance; Face, Fingerprint, Hybrid Biometrics.

Access Control; Control Panel, Standalone Device


Smart Lock; Bluetooth Locks, Padlocks, door videos and Face Locks.


Select your Preferred  Zkteco products and we will deliver to you countrywide on the same day. We now have pick points in Nairobi.

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  • ZK-D2180S Walk Through Metal Detector Features

    • 4-8 hours backup battery
    • 256 adjustable sensitivity levels
    • Alarm strength indicator
    • Count statistics of alarms and people
    • Eighteen mutual over-lapping detecting zones
    • Harmless to the human body
    • Password protection
    • Program Self-diagnostic
    • Small LCD screen
    • Sound & LED alarm
  • Zkteco BioTime 8.0

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    Buy Zkteco BioTime 8.0 from Kisumu networks in Kenya at discounted  prices

    • Web-Based Time Attendance Software
    • Flexible and Smart Shift Scheduling
    • Payroll Management
    • Auto-Synchronization of Biometric Templates and Real-Time Monitoring
    • Employee Self-Service
    • Multi-Level Approvals and Automatic E-mail Alerts
    • Multiple Admin Privilege
    • Attendance Reports and Calculation
    • Mobile App
  • ZKTeco F18 Acess And Time Attendance Fingerprint Biometric Reader

    Buy ZKTeco F18 Acess And Time Attendance Fingerprint Biometric Reader from Kisumu Networks in Kenya at affordable prices.


  • ZKTeco IFace702 Biometric Face Fingerprint Time Attendance

    legant ergonomic design
    2.6 user-defined function keys
    3.Optional extendable scheduled-bell
    4.Multi-Bio 600 high-speed processor
    5. Web server management software via IE browser
    6. 4.3-inch TFT touch screen is user-friendly and very intuitive
    7.ZKFinger10.0 fingerprint recognition algorithm for face mix
    8. ZEM600 multimedia development platform, large capacity, fast

  • ZKteco K40 time attendance terminal. Buy ZKTeco zk K40 Biometric Time Attendance Terminal from Kisumu networks in Kenya at affordable prices. ZKteco K40 is a 2.8 inch TFT screen Time Attendance & Simple Access Control Terminal. The Zk k40 has an interface for a third party electric lock and exit button.

  • ZKTeco TX628-Fingerprint Time Attendance features
    Buy ZKTeco TX628-Fingerprint Time And Attendance System from Kisumu Networks in Kenya
    • Color TFT screen with GUI Interface for ease of use
    • ZK Optical Sensor
    • 1 touch a-second user recognition
    • Stores 3,200 templates and 80,000 transactions
    • Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader
    • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports
    • Built-in USB port optional, allows for manual data transfer when network isn’t available
    • Real-time 1-touch data export 3rd party hosted & non-hosted applications
    • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers
    • SDK available for OEM customers and software developers