Wireless Internet Service provider (WISP) consultant

Kisumu Networks team provides network engineering services to Internet providers in Kenya. Our engineering team is highly skilled with years of experience in designing stable and high available networks. Support Languages: English We help Internet providers to build a robust network with lower costs. In today’s world, it’s possible to find a much effective way and equipment then buying from costly vendors. 

We live in the networking world. Our focus is not only deploying superior IP network designs to deliver voice, video, and data but also to stay current with industry trends and emerging technologies. We stay on the leading edge of networking and pass that knowledge on to our clients.

As consultants, our engineers have had real hands-on experience over the past 5 years. We offer a full spectrum of network engineering services, with in-depth expertise for a hotspot, VOIP, routing, and M2M solution design and deployment.

Having the experience of design and deployment of hotspots and kiosks at all major towns in Kenya combined with the distribution rights of some of the most cost-effective broadband solutions available, we have all that is needed to build and deliver a solution that is cost-effective, responsive and reliable.


As technical support specialists, our technicians will provide Tier 2 and 3 technical support for most products that we sell with in-depth expertise in MikroTik, Ubiquiti, Yealink, Cisco phones, and Huawei products. Our technicians will provide support over the phone, by remotely accessing your system, or by visiting your location.

The Areas that we cover are

  • Network programmability
  • SDN – software-defined networks
  • BGP configuration and design
  • OSPF network setup
  • Wireless planning
  • Shaping and firewalls tuning
  • AS number registration and IPv4 acquisition
  • IPv6 deployment
  • Consulting in design, equipment selection

wisp consultant

We have several network experts on staff. All of our engineers are experts in RouterOS, Routing, TCP/IP, Protocols/Ports, DNS, mail server systems, and other related network devices. Think of these us as just another support engineer on your staff. You can contact us and have an engineer take charge in a change/cutover, or assist your existing staff in the design of your new routed network or POP locations. Need a third-party to assist with a customer service experience, we can conference your customers in and will act on behalf of your support team to ensure the customers receives the information and troubleshooting that they need.


0716466954 , 0718496382


How do you get connected with Kisumu Networks Consultants?

Simple, contact us at0718496382,0716466954 or email  consulting@kisumunetworks.co.ke

What is the cost of consulting services and technical support?   

Support time is billable but bargainable and the cost depends on the agreement between us and our clients. Additional charges apply for after-hours support and travel. Discounts are available for pre-paid blocks of consulting and technical support. Please contact us for more information.